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6,500 downloaders can't be wrong! ...Or can they...?

Squirrelwood, Long Hair's most recent opus of yummy symphonic prog-rock majesic beauty, has found great success on the Free Music Archive. Due to the overwhelming positive response, FSR is breaking with it's nearly two-decade long tradition and actually making an album available for purchase.

So if you like this album, support the artist! Download Long Hair's Squirrelwood via Bandcamp today! The Bandcamp version contains a bonus track called "Hymn", as well as some additional high-res artwork and notes from the artist. It was be the best $7.00 you've spent since that time when you bought that sandwich.


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FSR (Forty-Seven Records) was founded in 1996.

The label's first official release was cassette-only and is no longer available, on cassette or otherwise. Good luck finding that one.

The next dozen or so releases (1997-2002) were given away on CD-R, and since 2003 the label has offered all releases as free high-quality MP3 downloads.

FSR anticipated the collapse of the music industry.

FSR releases are lo-fi and experimental more often than not.