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Alfred Bizarro To Be Exactly

One Way Doomsday Trip To Nowhere: The Complete Recordings of Alfred Bizarro To Be Exactly 1996-98 (2011, F41)
From 1996 to 1998, somewhere between two and five people calling themselves Alfred Bizarro To Be Exactly made lo-fidelity recordings on 4-track cassettes, fusing delightful whimsy with deadly serious noise. This collection provides the world with nearly 20 hours (143 pieces) of their music.

All 17 volumes of this collection are available exclusively on the Free Music Archive.

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Deck. (1998, F04)
On a hot August afternoon in 1997, ABTBE gathered at a New Jersey backyard to record some stuff on 4-track. But this was no beer-swillin' acoustic BBQ jam. They dragged all of their amps and guitars and effects and things outside, and they set up a VHS camcorder on the lawn. They fed the audio from the 4-track machine (line out) to the camcorder (mic in... oops). After they disbanded several months later, two former members found the VHS tape (with extremely distorted audio) and watched, and listened, and smiled, and edited, and EQ'd, and released. This.

abtbe, deck

1. Prologue
2. Second Piece
3. Third Piece
4. Fourth Piece
5. Dog Sequence
6. Fifth Piece
7. Sixth Piece
8. Seventh Piece
9. Eighth Piece
10. Epilogue

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Perfusely [ABTBE side-project] (1997, out-of-print)
Please Alfred Don't Hurt 'Em (1997, out-of-print)
Alfred Bizarro vs. Techno Boy (1997, out-of-print)
(1996, out-of-print)