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Act of God

One placed a microphone near the speaker of a yellow 13” television set, the sounds being captured, and later edited with razor blades, on a reel-to-reel machine. The other creeped around Albany “borrowing” drum machines from “friends” and programming them with mindfuck time sigs like 27/16.

All of this for the sake of one 15 minute performance, during which most of the audience left -- some because they hated the music, and some because they hated the combination of black lights and seizure-inducing strobe lights.

They saw a man in the rear of the auditorium filming the performance. After being spotted, he abruptly left the building. Evidence suggests that the man was Karl Rove.

Five years later,
Act of God surrendered their master tapes to FSR for release.



11 Important Messages from Act of God: 1997-2001 (2002, F16)
Some of what you will hear on this album is very dark, and some of it is very silly. It is up to YOU to decide which is which. The messages here ARE very important, even if they are delivered by disgraced politicians and purple dinosaurs.

1. An Important Message from John F. Kennedy
2. On Dry Land
3. Daddy
4. An Important Message from Spiro Agnew
5. My Favorite Room in the House
6. A Healthy Approach
7. Mary
8. Not Very Hard
9. Kosher Style
10. An Important Message form the Gentlewoman from Colorado
11. Home on the Range

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