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A Very Clever Robot

aVCR developed a set of technological boundaries for itself, primarily using semi-professional instruments designed and built in the early-to-mid-1980's. The music is often a bit unbalanced, with drum machines played by hand, and sequencers and arpeggiators with unsteady and unknown BPM's. They spent several years (off and on) recording their first full-length, A Daring 160 r.p.m., finally finishing it one crisp winter day in New York State, 2003.



A Daring 160 r.p.m. (2003, F18)
"The achingly beautiful "Regarding Liquid"... [with] ...its pretty but melancholic piano phrase, haunting synth melody and backdrop of whooshing filtered white noise almost make it sound like a lost track from Eno's Another Green World..." - Aural Innovations

"Thoroughly articulated, A Daring 160 r.p.m. sometimes seems like a demonstration of how to effectively meld disparate sounds... each of these compositions forces beautifully serene sounds into a chasm of chaos, and the results are stunningly affecting." - Splendid E-Zine

a very clever robot, a daring 160 rpm

1. Reaction
2. Wito
3. Newmexico
4. Apparatus for Signalling Without Wires
5. Song For/From Feldmano
6. Less Common Than the Lamb
7. Pushed Feature
8. Power Outage
9. Regarding Liquid
10. A Daring 160 R.P.M

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Pushed Feature single (2002, F15)
While still chipping away at A Daring 160 r.p.m., the group released this single, featuring the original (longer) version of "Less Common Than the Lamb". For the completist.

a very clever robot, pushed feature single

1. Pushed Feature
2. Less Common Than the Lamb (Original version)
3. Power Outage

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