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Long Hair falls like red '73 Camaros from the sky. Imagine it.



(2012, F45)
Long Hair's ode to his homeland. Recording took 18 months (an eternity in Long Hair time), with a relocation from Northern New Jersey to Northern California occurring somewhere in the middle. Contains instant classics such as "Fifteen Layers and Five Fathoms Deep" and "Ye' Vessel", not to mention "Second Weird Convergence", LH's first true symphonic prog opus.

If you've listened and you would like to support the artist, you can now buy the album on Bandcamp, complete with a bonus track called "Hymn" which is not available on the FMA version, plus additional high-res artwork and notes from the artist.

Possibly an evil squirrel attacking the Long Hair logo on the pavement

1. As Regards A Mouse [4:21]
2. Fifteen Layers and Five Fathoms Deep [8:23]
3. Ye' Vessel [3:48]
4. Squirrelwood [7:11]
5. Second Weird Convergence [24:10]
6. Queen Anne & Degraw [4:53]

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Triple Fake Live!
(2011, F42)
Long Hair is lost somewhere in a universe parallel to ours. Fresh from that universe comes this 3CD set, recorded live on the penultimate stop of their Spring 2011 Tour, at Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City (which, in our universe, was torn down in the mid-80s). Clearly, things must be going pretty well for the group in their universe; they played to a packed house who enjoyed every moment of their torturously long show, which included such favorites as “City Cross the Land” and “Popehead”. We hope you enjoy it as much as your parallel selves did.

Long Hair Triple Fake LIve artwork

Disc One
1. Water On My Brain [22:58]
2. A Spirit or Something [28:29]
3. This Train Has Sailed [3:37]
4. City Cross the Land [21:03]

Disc Two
1. Rise [22:39]
2. The Nocnitsa [5:13]
3. Improvisation I [20:06]
4. Drums [20:41]

Disc Three
1. Improvisation II [14:33]
2. Goose Brew[12:41]
3. Popehead [18:13]
4. There Is Nothing To Forget Anymore [6:27]

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You Wrote These Songs After I Killed Your Physics Teacher
(2011, F40)
Some say this album is a return to the style of Long Hair's first two albums -- and those people are probably referring this album's relentlessness -- but, in LH's own opinion, this is more dense and creepy than the earlier stuff. Instead of fighting the hiss, hum, buzz, and unwanted background sounds, LH finally learns to embrace them. This album needs to be listened to in its entirety, at whatever volume you feel to be appropriate.

Long Hair artwork

1. The Great, Great Wig Factories of Yore (I) [9:22]
2. I Wake Up Watching Movies On My Hand [11:35]
3. Water On My Brain [16:43]
4. City Cross the Land [17:31]
5. The Great, Great Wig Factories of Yore (II) [10:07]

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Time Times Sound (2011, F39)
This one compiles more of the best of Long Hair, picking up where the Dingus comp left off in early 2009. Sure, most of the tracks have been available on previous releases, but on here they sport all new mixes and even some new recordings of certain instruments. If that wasn't enough (and it wasn't), you get the simply fantastic new track, "The Sea of Milk".

Long Hair, Time Times Sound artwork

1. The Sea of Milk [6:48]
2. Yeti [8:17]
3. There Is Nothing To Forget Anymore [4:35]
4. Wonderful Cocaine Tonight [5:30]
5. This Train Has Sailed [3:24]
6. Chasmed River [8:31]

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The Last Scene (2010, F31)
In late 2009, Long Hair put out seven podcast-only EPs in seven weeks. Those EPs included almost-pop songs, short experiments, etc. This release collects the best of that, plus some never-before-heard songs recorded around the same time. This is music that broke away from almost everything Long Hair had done before.

Disc One
1. This Train Has Sailed [3:26]
2. Where You Have Been [5:22]
3. There Is Nothing To Forget [4:36]
4. The Medic Limo Clang [4:01]
5. Miss Halo Event [7:11]
6. Drab Koala [4:01]
7. Killing You is Meaningful
8. Opium Den [3:34]
9. Lung Hair [4:40]
10. A Spirit or Something [9:23]
Disc Two
1. 'Realm' [5:00]
2. Ruse Not, Rex Ado [3:06]
3. Pantomimus [0:36]
4. Zoo Pay [6:43]
5. Raft Scare [3:13]
6. The War of 2157 [19:54]
7. Goose Brew [6:21]
8. Be Yin [8:38]
9. Vogue Canon [2:29]
10. Excavation [2:28]
11. Pliny's Opinion [2:02]

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Young Oceans (2009, F29)
On its sixth album, Long Hair came dangerously close to taking itself seriously. The next stage in the evolution of a band that never stops evolving (or devolving), this one is equal parts Live/Dead, Crim, the Cow, and Music to Eat. Kinda feels like an Idiot's Guide to Prog, with an emphasis on the Idiot.

Long Hair, Young Oceans

1. Chasmed River [13:57]
2. Popehead [12:47]
3. Yeti [8:14]
4. Baphomet's Diner [12:32]

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Dingus Dingus Dingus Dingus Dingus: The Best of Long Hair
(2009, F28)
Seven truncated and/or "fake live" versions of old favorites, plus a previously unreleased track.

Dingus Dingus Dingus Dingus Dingus

1. Curse of the Witch [6:06]
2. Step Out [2:44]
3. The V [5:08]
4. Termination [14:04]
5. Niflheim [10:41]
6. Gabriel [6:06]
7. 00,000 Years [8:55]
8. XTDSS54 (Live in the Locker Room of the
Immaculate Vallate Papilla School for Girls)

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The EP That Has "Bakes" and "Gabriel" On It (2009, F27)
This EP has "Bakes" and "Gabriel" on it. It doesn't have any other songs on it.

Long Hair - The EP That Has Bakes and Gabriel On It

1. Bakes [18:56]
2. Gabriel [6:06]

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Two Girls on Cough Syrup
(2009, F25)
This one is relatively short compared with Swallowing the V, released a few months earlier. But this is where Long Hair finally begins developing its next sound phase, incorporating vocals for the first time.

long hair, two girls on cough syrup

1. ESB [8:36]
2. 2/3/4 [12:50]
3. The Last Monkey [7:47]
4. Step Out [19:11]

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Swallowing the V (2008, F24)
This, LH's second album, is a sprawling, confusing epic. Most of the tracks are about dreams -- keep in mind, this is an instrumental album -- and one can't quite help but feel in a dreamlike state when listening. While it may be an uneven affair, there are vintage LH moments ("XTDSS54" and "Curse of the Witch" come to mind).

long hair, swallowing the v

Disc 1
1. The Nocnitsa [13:56]
2. Attacked By Violence [2:24]
3. Curse of the Witch [8:43]
4. The V [5:08]
5. XTDSS54 [27:21]

Disc 2
1. Roref W'tes [7:11]
2. Niflheim [19:43]
3. I've Already Begun Killing... My Course is Clear [2:05]
4. Somnolence [13:55]
5. Ease the Effect [8:25]
6. Moderate-Potency Dosage [3:02]

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The Rise, Progress and Termination of Long Hair
(2007, F23)
This is where it all began -- these three extended pieces containing classic LH riffs, the musicial equivilent of a kindergarten class on methadone. Two out of the three pieces contain drum solos. I mean, c'mon.

long hair, the rise progress and termination of long hair

1. Rise [17:18]
2. Progress [17:50]
3. Termination [22:44]

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