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With the demise of Alfred Bizarro To Be Exactly in early 1998, most of its members paired off into a myriad of projects.

Stapple, of all the ABTBE offshoots, most closely resembled its parent group, at least in the beginning. But the duo soon tired of simply recording long improvisations on 4-track tape, so they began using these improvs as source material, taking them apart digitally and creating new works from them.

As the emphasis switched to this new "electronic music" style, they decided to change the project name to Minnow. Maybe they thought "Minnow" was a more marketable name, and they wouldn't be wrong -- because a UK group also called "Minnow" started popping up in the hipper record stores immediately afterwards. But we digress...

So Stapple/Minnow recorded almost constantly for over two years, releasing tracks here and there on the odd compliation, and making several attempts at releasing an album but never quite getting to the finish line.

Finally they abandoned the project in 2001, leaving behind a huge pile of recordings that no one ever heard... until now!

FSR is proud to announce it will release the complete recordings of Stapple/Minnow in 2011.



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