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FSR's original dronemeister created a trilogy of albums in the late 1990s/early 2000s, offering dense sonic atmospheres and textures. After an eight year hiatus, Vir re-emerged in late 2009 with brand new recordings and, most recently, a 4-disc box set of previously unreleased works.



Unearth 1998-2006 (2010, F37)
A box of cassettes (some labeled, some not) lurked deep in the FSR vaults for many years. One day this box was... unearthed... and it was decided that these sounds should be heard by the public. These sounds, if you haven't guessed already, were previously unheard recordings by made by Viraeson.

Viraeson, Unearth artwork

Disc 1: Early Experiments
This covers the beginning (1998 and part of 1999). There are pieces that wouldn't fit on the first album (remember, FSR was a CD-R label back in the days when CD-R's only fit 74 minutes) as well as outtakes and an alternate take from the Two Long Works sessions.

1. Right
2. The In
3. Muddy Confluence (Take 1)
4. Shift
5. Storm's-a-Brewin'
6. Static and Slow

Disc 2: True Sounds (and a Filmscore)
...which consists mostly of material recorded during the period leading up to Sincere, and even includes some elements that ended up in Shapes No Longer Have Absolute Definition. And then there's the soundtrack to the short film Spule, which Viraeson also produced and co-wrote under his birth name.

2. June 2000
3. Conditions Identified
4. Upright Loop
6. Spule

Disc 3: Abadoned Explorations
After the Sincere EP, Viraeson entered a semi-retirement, continuing to record but never intending to release any of it. Here are four examples of his never-before-heard broad yet minimal approach, circa 2003-2006.

1. Collage
2. Water Fog Play
3. Zebra
4. Lion

Disc 4: Provocations
Much of what we hear on Viraeson's official releases is relatively low-key and harmonious, which makes this disc all the more surprising. Abrasive, disjointed, and irritatingly relentless. Recommended!

1. August 2001
2. The Seizure Tape
3. Radio
4. C-Noise

download album(s) as ZIP file: Disc 1, Disc 2, Disc 3, Disc 4

In 1998, Viraeson created several hours of VHS video to (somehow) accompany his music at the time. These visuals remained unseen until now:

Collage / August 2001 / C-Noise / Right


(2009, F30)
Viraeson's first release in over eight years is a dark and obscured listening experience. Perhaps you are travelling in the Syrian desert region, hitching a ride in the Korean DMZ, or simply sitting in your living room. Any is appropriate.

1. Location I: Cheorwon
2. Location II: Irkutsk
3. Location III: Homs

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EP (2002, F14)
This, Viraeson's third and final release of his first major period, is a chaotic mess of layers and overdubs, with fragments and musical non-sequitors cutting in and out unexpectedly. It took over two years to record and six months to assemble, with the artist taking only short naps and occasional bathroom breaks.

viraeson, sincere ep

1. Shapes No Longer Have Absolute Definition
2. Not the Best

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Two Long Works By Viraeson (1999, F09)
Viraeson's second release was, much like the first, recorded direct to a stereo cassette - but it was a different deck. Very important.

viraeson, two long works

1. Muddy Confluence
2. Gnanuque

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(1998, F06)
Simple drones with thick, lo-fidelity textures,
swimming in a warm lake of inexpensive reverb. Recorded over two nights direct to stereo cassette with a rare orange Portasound running through over a dozen stomp boxes, some of which were also orange.


1. Introduction
2. Away
3. The Birds... Scream the... Birds Scream...
4. Muit
5. They Went Into Seclusion and Found Madness - I
6. They Went Into Seclusion and Found Madness - II
7. They Went Into Seclusion and Found Madness - III
8. They Went Into Seclusion and Found Madness - IV

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