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Waffle, in his original incarnation, released two EPs and a single on FSR in 1998/99. In late '99, work commenced on "Phone Bill", a rather ambitious collaboration with many artists from the emerging electronica scene. But progress was slow, and Waffle scrapped the whole thing after about 18 months, beginning a silence that would last the better part of a decade.

In 2010, FSR released remastered editions of the early EPs/singles, plus a single of previously unavailable material from 2002.

Then in 2012, Waffle shocked the world with a new single. Which is not currently available on this page due to reasons too complicated to explain. In the meantime you can get it from the Free Music Archive and watch the accompanying video on Youtube or Vimeo.



50 Million Hits [single] (2012, F44)
The first release of new material from Waffle in over a decade.

Waffle, 50 Million Hits

1. 50 Million Hits (5:19)

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Asterisk single (2010, F35)
This 2-song single was slated for release on FSR in June 2002, but Waffle pulled the plug (not only on the single, but on Waffle in its entirety) at the last minute. Which is really a shame because, as you listen, you hear the direction in which Waffle was about to take things. Now to celebrate Waffle's 2010 Remaster Series, here it is. Previously unheard Waffley goodness.

asterisk artwork

1. Asterisk
2. Fast Reason

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single [REMASTER]
(2010, F34, originally released 1999 as F10)
Waffle's last official release. Features some 'Metal Box'-inspired treatments and stories about burying people.

waffle mechsepchick artwork

1. Mechanically Separated Chicken
2. Plop

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The Beglian Waffle EP [REMASTER] (2010, F33, originally released 1998 as F05)
Assembled during the infamous summer of 1998. Need we say more?

belgian waffle ep artwork

1. Ethan Looks Hurt, Blair Notices (Evil Emulsion)
2. Nightmare, Being Chased (Wearing Lead Shoes)
3. Ethan Looks Hurt, Blair Notices (Ethan Kicks Blair in the Shin)
4. (Don't Drink the) Cosmic Atomic Death Punch
5. Nightmare, Being Chased (Running Like a Nike Commercial)
6. You're Squishing My Fingers, Amos

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The Lactose Intolerant Belgian Waffle EP [REMASTER]
(2010, F32, originally released 1998 as F02)
An eclectic collection, ranging from extended minimal pulse/drone pieces to 8-bit sound collage, but always with an underlying sense of humor. Ha ha.

lactose intolerate belgian waffle EP artwork

1. Steak
2. Longneck Pork
3. Figurative
4. The Heart, Pretty Fast
5. Fossil Funeral
6. (Ben Page)

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